Welcome to my woefully out of date, but hopefully still helpful, blog!

My life has changed a lot since I began writing this Wisdom Within, Ink blog back in 2009-ish. It particularly changed when I began working on my first book in 2015 and freelancing shifted my focus away from facilitating and coaching. By the time I returned to school to complete an MFA in Creative Nonfiction/Memoir in 2019, my life as “journaling lady” (as some locals have called me) seemed all but behind me. These posts, or lack of recent ones, reflect that change.

But my belief in the power of expressive writing, the power of words, the power of story, has not changed. I continue to journal as a personal, meditative, healing, creative, even spiritual practice. Any and all teaching (and writing) I do is firmly grounded in my experience and research of — and trust in — the body’s ability to tap into wisdom and knowledge we don’t know that we know.

So, here you will find many posts on journaling/expressive writing, spirituality, facilitating, memoir writing, mothering, and personal growth. Well, here’s the tag cloud to give you a better idea.

I hope you will take a gander… and, as once again I enter new era of my life, I hope to get back to adding to this page.


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