On a mission (statement)

Recently I met with a career coach. My intention was to see how my (rather unorthodox) skills and experience might translate into the "real" world and a "real" job. Well, you know that saying, "Physician, heal thyself"? My session with her was a clear example of how we can be blind to our own needs … Continue reading On a mission (statement)


Wise Women Speak: 1.22.13

Above all, don’t fear difficult moments, the best comes from them. Rita, who passed away at 103 Are you a Wise Woman? Inspired by a recent gathering of Wise Elders where a 75 year-old great-grandmother shared this life wisdom with us younguns: “Remember to Laugh!,” for my 2013 blog project I plan to share the … Continue reading Wise Women Speak: 1.22.13

New Writing and Wellness Center Opens

New Writing and Wellness Center Opens By: Joanna Young, Reporter for Wisdom Within, Ink Rutland, Vermont: In the midst of Rutland City, there is a tiny haven. It stands behind a fence on a residential street and started life as a garage. However, it now heeds a higher calling. The Writer's Refuge is a place … Continue reading New Writing and Wellness Center Opens

Jour du Journal: Perspective of your future

Guess what? I'm a prophet! An en-visionary, a manifester, a future-maker! Yesterday while I was teaching a workshop I shared a Perspective I had written on 10.23.08 but had dated 10.23.09. I discovered much of it had come true. A Perspective is a journal entry written from different angle, in this case, from a future … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Perspective of your future

Jour du Journal: Looking down the road

Yesterday I read a post about a couple making the most of early empty-nest syndrome while their children were at camp. For me, their week alone without children to hamper their spontaneity was a glimpse into my own future - a future I look forward to. For those of you who have no offspring to … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Looking down the road