W.O.R.D.S: God, Goddess, Godde (or Cleaning up Pee)

The W.O.R.D.S. Project (Words Open Resonating Depths of the Sacred): An alphabetical search for questions.* Granted, it's easy to live connected to the Source when the sky is Open and the sun is shining, and the flowers bright. But when life Dumps reality on your head a hundred times a day... Damn it! Every day … Continue reading W.O.R.D.S: God, Goddess, Godde (or Cleaning up Pee)


Danger: Toxic levels of self-bashing

This post is a bit of an off-shoot for me but as I write it I will somehow figure out how to make a journaling prompt out of it. And I also know many of you will relate to what I am about to say. I got rejected. By a home-cleaning professional. Let me explain. … Continue reading Danger: Toxic levels of self-bashing

Finding my rhythm

Children don't know about rhythms, not the ones we adults recognize, anyway. Their internal beat is like one from another culture - African, Asian, Alien - that is not the 4/4 we Westerners are used to.  Time is of no consequence. Play always, eat whenever, sleep only when legs will no longer run.  Until my … Continue reading Finding my rhythm

The Value of Doing Nothing

I have sat down to write multiple times this week to no avail. I'm just spinning my wheels. Maybe I'm just distracted by the gifts in the closet that are one game of hide-and-seek away from being discovered. Maybe it's the sudden smack of brutal cold temperatures. The drafts snaking under the 100 year old … Continue reading The Value of Doing Nothing

The many hats of me

I need a haircut. The shaggy, steel wool mop that haloes my head is reflected in the screen of my laptop as I sit on the deck this glorious late summer morning.I also need to finish organizing the new office which until 3 days ago was the kids room. Boxes of books, old files, and … Continue reading The many hats of me

Green snot and fruit flies

Today I am sick. Husband is sick. Children are sick. Green snot sick. Pull those puffy red things out of the back of your throat and put them on ice for a few days sick.My eyes hurt looking at this white screen but I will attempt to write a few words.About fruit flies.They have to … Continue reading Green snot and fruit flies

Put the blog down and step away from the computer

I should have known. I know what I'm like.This blog, the blog I insisted was not for me, has me and won't let go. Each time I walk past my desk it calls out to me. I check 50 times a day to see if anyone has happened upon (out of the 2, 010,030 possible … Continue reading Put the blog down and step away from the computer