Again with the Tension?! (Or, It’s OK not to know)

It's happened again. An old theme has come circling around, adding another new level of understanding. June 2009: I wrote this post on a different blog, which I then re-posted here in July 2011. This is the gist: During a Journal Therapy training I wrote (well, it kind of wrote itself while I held the … Continue reading Again with the Tension?! (Or, It’s OK not to know)


Resume the Stability of Tension

This is a post from a couple of years ago. I am re-posting it because this phrase - Resume the Stability of Tension - keeps popping back into my mind lately. Although I am in a completely different life situation now (I left my job very soon after this post and started grad school a … Continue reading Resume the Stability of Tension

Quoting Christina: We write.

What I think we are up to, we throngs of journal-writing pilgrims, is reclamation. We are searching for ways to reclaim a sense of place, a sense of empowerment, a sense of healthy relationship between our lives and our times. We look for whatever can help us make sense of the moment. We Write. (Christina … Continue reading Quoting Christina: We write.

Jour du Journal:Envisioning the Future

So, what did you think of Alpha Poems? I think they are a fun and unexpected way to access your inner wisdom while also discovering the creative genius hidden deep within. Please feel free to leave a comment telling about your experience (or share your poem, if you like). Now, back to manifesting your future. … Continue reading Jour du Journal:Envisioning the Future

Jour du Journal: Envisioning

Welcome to the first Journal-Write Wednesday! If you have read any of my blog, j. lucy muses you will know that I am all about dreaming and envisioning what you want out of your life - manifesting your future. Christina Baldwin writes in Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest, Before we can do … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Envisioning