Stop striving. Start listening.

This is a follow-up to this post: On a mission (statement) I've written of Serendipity and Synchronicity before. There have been many examples of it in my life, such as the time two women showed up to one of my workshops out of the blue. It "just happened" that these two women were from the … Continue reading Stop striving. Start listening.


On a mission (statement)

Recently I met with a career coach. My intention was to see how my (rather unorthodox) skills and experience might translate into the "real" world and a "real" job. Well, you know that saying, "Physician, heal thyself"? My session with her was a clear example of how we can be blind to our own needs … Continue reading On a mission (statement)

Clickage: When it all comes together

I've been a tad hard-of-seeing, for probably, oh, let's see. Ever. I don't mean with my physical eyes (although when I finally got glasses for long-distance in college I was amazed to find that objects in my surroundings actually have edges). No, what I am referring to a general lack of focus when it came … Continue reading Clickage: When it all comes together

What’s your mission?

Today I wrote the mission statement for this journey I am calling Wisdom Within, Ink: It is the mission of Wisdom Within, Ink to (re)introduce the healing, creative and empowering art of journal writing to those wishing to discover their authentic self. Why do companies write mission statements? To determine their intentions, their purpose, their … Continue reading What’s your mission?