Not in Kansas… er, Vermont, Anymore

I just have to say I'm not a huge fan of New Jersey. I'm sure it is a lovely state - in spots; it must be called the Garden State for a reason - but from where I'm sitting, it ain't so grand. The wind is howling around and right through my 8th floor hotel … Continue reading Not in Kansas… er, Vermont, Anymore


Green snot and fruit flies

Today I am sick. Husband is sick. Children are sick. Green snot sick. Pull those puffy red things out of the back of your throat and put them on ice for a few days sick.My eyes hurt looking at this white screen but I will attempt to write a few words.About fruit flies.They have to … Continue reading Green snot and fruit flies

Just another trip to the grocery store

Every single freakin' time I swear I AM NOT doing this again... and then I do.Could I possibly still have pregnancy brain two years after the birth of my second child? Apparently, a woman's brain shrinks up to 5% during pregnancy and does not retain its original size until six months after birth. Why would … Continue reading Just another trip to the grocery store

Oxymoron: writing mother wants me to explore:The relationship between becoming a mother and becoming a writerThe influence of motherhood on your craftThe influence of writing on your motheringIt's not a good day for me to write about being a writing mother. Today I want to edit out the mother part.We began this day quite calmly (that's a … Continue reading Oxymoron: writing mother