W.O.R.D.S.: Belief (or What is the definition of love?)

The W.O.R.D.S. Project (Words Open Resonating Depths of the Sacred): A weekly alphabetical search for questions.* Belief in a life lived is all I need, because Every day is a leap of faith. Living in unity with the All, Invites me to believe in Trust. Envisioning the path on which I walk Forwards my Wholy … Continue reading W.O.R.D.S.: Belief (or What is the definition of love?)


Authentic Voice Project: U is for Union

For redefinition, I was thrown back to myself, to my inner knowing… Marilyn Sewell, Cries of the Spirit The Authentic Voice Project: Week 22 (New Moon) U is for Union Union = bring together, connect, to make one Yoga = from sanskrit word meaning union Religion = from Latin root ligare, meaning to bind together, … Continue reading Authentic Voice Project: U is for Union

More thoughts on Authentic Voice (and writing)

Authentic Voice is that which longs for interconnectedness, looks toward growth and actualization (as opposed to purely “defense” needs and “elemental drives” such as eating, sleeping, finding shelter, having sex [Eisler, 190]), and is not “encased” by societies’ rigid hierarchical gender roles and stereotypes. It is not selfish or self-centered, but a recognition of “our … Continue reading More thoughts on Authentic Voice (and writing)

The Word vs. my words

You know that feeling when a connection suddenly clicks in your mind? It is enlightening, almost joyful. I have even experienced it to be mind-boggling. Connections can be and are made all the time, connections that weave our world and those in it together. Connections - like the strands of a spider's web - bond … Continue reading The Word vs. my words

It is connections that heal

Since I began grad school last August I have been particularly awe-struck by the twins, Synchronicity and Serendipity. Connections everywhere! Seemingly unrelated events, conversations, books, memories, people have suddenly fallen together like perfectly synchronized cogs. My life paths and how they have led to where I am and what I am doing today is the … Continue reading It is connections that heal

Trust the process, pt 7 (Everything is connected, 2)

In my Yoga 'n' Write class this week I talked of the need for balance between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We wrote about where we were at this moment in each of these areas and where we want to be.* Our yoga teacher told us about the Sheaths: Physical Body, Mental Body, … Continue reading Trust the process, pt 7 (Everything is connected, 2)

Trust the Process, pt 2 (The Womb)

The morning of day two at Goddard College my stomach was still a bag of jelly fish. I had slept fitfully through slamming doors, footsteps, ill-fitting sheets and my roomie's arrival at 2AM. And I woke up at 5AM. I managed to doze until 6:30AM but I was out the door and looking for a … Continue reading Trust the Process, pt 2 (The Womb)