The Path to Publication, part 4: Putting it out there

(Number 1 of 3 posts in response to attending the Creative Nonfiction writing conference in Pittsburgh, PA, May 23-25, 2014) Well, here I am in a hotel room in Pittsburgh trying to process all the information I received today at the Creative Nonfiction Conference. After a 9-hour drive yesterday and 5 hours of informational input … Continue reading The Path to Publication, part 4: Putting it out there


Obligatory New Year Post

At the end of the year it is the law of the land that you look back on what you have accomplished (or not) and then look forward and make unattainable goals for the new year.I was going to say that I don't like to follow rules and refuse to do this. But the sad … Continue reading Obligatory New Year Post

Swimming in Blog Love

I want to thank Green Mountain Country Mama for another blog award. I'm feeling so damn special I can hardly stand myself. When I was nominated for the "I Love Your Blog" award I promised I would nominate some more blogs as I went along. Well, I still haven't read enough blogs to make an … Continue reading Swimming in Blog Love

Doing my Blog Love Duty

As a nominee for the "I Love Your Blog" award it was asked that I in turn nominate some of my favorite blogs. Seven to be exact. Unfortunately, I don't even read seven blogs. I have visited many, commented on a few, and kept visiting about four. Not because the others weren't good - I … Continue reading Doing my Blog Love Duty

Returning the Blog Love

^ ^I will explain that lover-ly graphic up there ------------------^and do my reciprocal duty when I haven't got a grant to write.But for now I want to thank Noble Savage for giving me for such a prestigious nod. Visit her blog... she is a writing mother living in my home country. She has a strong … Continue reading Returning the Blog Love

How to get readers for your blog

I don't actually have an answer to that.But I'm wondering... is anyone reading this blog? Do I sit here each morning dedicatedly babbling to myself? It's OK really, I love to write and having this excuse is lovely.I have been researching tips on how you get you, dear reader, to come spend some time with … Continue reading How to get readers for your blog

What the *** is a SEO and why am I supposed to Digg it?

Is anyone other than me completely, utterly, ready-to-throw-in-the-towel-y overwhelmed by the gad-b-zillion bytes of information you have to pile through on this brain-sucking evil called the internet? (That was a little harsh, it's not completely evil.)A few days ago I just an aspiring writer gathering the courage to give the nice human mailman a 9x11 … Continue reading What the *** is a SEO and why am I supposed to Digg it?

Put the blog down and step away from the computer

I should have known. I know what I'm like.This blog, the blog I insisted was not for me, has me and won't let go. Each time I walk past my desk it calls out to me. I check 50 times a day to see if anyone has happened upon (out of the 2, 010,030 possible … Continue reading Put the blog down and step away from the computer

A blog by any other name…

I have commitment issues.My Blog-to-be needed, nay, demanded, a name. Not any old name either. It had to big, bright, worthy of it - worthy of me. I couldn't have my dear Blog going around with a small, pitiful name. My very individuality, personality, career... life hung on this one name.Blog waited patiently while I … Continue reading A blog by any other name…

In the beginning there was the word… “blog”

A few months ago I was chatting with a fellow mom who asked me what I do (she obviously meant other than carting my children around to preschool and dance class and swimming lessons as well as keeping them supplied with nutritious fodder and clean-ish clothes.)"I'm an aspiring writer," I replied sheepishly."Oh, do you blog?""Nooo, … Continue reading In the beginning there was the word… “blog”