The Sound of Silence

It's 6AM and I've been awake since 4. Ike (Tropical Storm Ike, that is) has been blustering around the house all night, licking us with hot, sticky tropical winds. It's 6AM and almost 80 degrees outside... in Vermont... in September! It'll probably snow next week.Once in a while I don't mind not being able to … Continue reading The Sound of Silence


Sweaty Puppy: An argument against co-sleeping

I like to sleep, no, I love to sleep.Our 22-month old has been sleeping in his crib since he grew out of his co-sleeper at 4 months old (yes, he was a "healthy" baby). Last night, whether due to a bad dream or questionable cup of milk, he could not be consoled by the usual … Continue reading Sweaty Puppy: An argument against co-sleeping

Oxymoron: writing mother wants me to explore:The relationship between becoming a mother and becoming a writerThe influence of motherhood on your craftThe influence of writing on your motheringIt's not a good day for me to write about being a writing mother. Today I want to edit out the mother part.We began this day quite calmly (that's a … Continue reading Oxymoron: writing mother