A journaling resource

Below is a copy of the index page at my little corner of Examiner.com where I am the Burlington Journaling Examiner (which really cracks me up - as if there are "journaling examiners" anywhere else in the world, let alone Vermont!). I share this list as a simple menu for any blog readers whose order … Continue reading A journaling resource


Sharing your light

I have a friend who used to volunteer as a reading tutor. Her Christmas letter informing me there is nothing as gratifying as helping another person sent me into a self-indulgent, self-hate-fest. I used to complain to my journal or Hubby that I never did anything to help anyone else. I had no desire to … Continue reading Sharing your light

Finding my rhythm

Children don't know about rhythms, not the ones we adults recognize, anyway. Their internal beat is like one from another culture - African, Asian, Alien - that is not the 4/4 we Westerners are used to.  Time is of no consequence. Play always, eat whenever, sleep only when legs will no longer run.  Until my … Continue reading Finding my rhythm

Quoting Natalie: Shake loose your mind

I try to shake loose my mind, so something fresh can fall out... This process acts like a sifter - sand falls through and bright nuggets come to light. --Natalie Goldberg, Thunder and Lightning Writing for creativity While Natalie talks about "writing practice" in her book Thunder and Lightning (as she did in Writing Down … Continue reading Quoting Natalie: Shake loose your mind

Connecting hand with mind and heart

Writing... digested our sorrow, dissolved and integrated our inner rigidity, and let us move on. I don't even remember what we wrote about. It didn't matter. The effort of forming words, physically connecting hand with mind and heart, and then having the freedom to read aloud transformed us.--- Natalie Goldberg, Thunder and Lightning I read … Continue reading Connecting hand with mind and heart

Volumes of wisdom

Every night I sleep next to Barbara Kingsolver, Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron, Christina Baldwin, Sarah Ban Breathnach, Anne LaMott, and Tristine Rainer. They don't get much action but I love them all and like having them close by. Books on journaling, books on writing, and couple more on parenting. A few novels, two Brain, Child … Continue reading Volumes of wisdom

Jour du Journal: Six word fiction

I'm going to cheat a little today. This isn't exactly a journal prompt. It is a well-known writing exercise, but anything that gets you writing is a good thing. However, you could add a journaling twist to it by using it as a prompt and expanding on the idea through flow-writing. Here's my six word … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Six word fiction