A prayer for my readers

This post was inspired to this article by Molly Gordon, "Why you should pray for your clients." As writing is my mediator to both the inner and higher sources of wisdom, I offer up this open letter as a prayer and meditation in honor of my valued readers and clients. Namaste! I do not know … Continue reading A prayer for my readers


Steppingstones to a new life

Yesterday morning in my journal I wrote: I am blessed with abundance. I am blessed with the answer. I am a magnet to all the resources I need. What is the answer? I need to know what path to go down today. This morning I wrote: Oh, lawd! I feel like a puzzle piece just … Continue reading Steppingstones to a new life

Quoting Natalie: Tolerating fear

"First recognize that you're afraid and slowly build your tolerance for fear... ... You may still feel it, but you become willing to bear it as you write. You keep your hand moving, you stay there, you move closer and closer to the edge of what scares you." - Natalie Goldberg, Thunder and Lightning I … Continue reading Quoting Natalie: Tolerating fear

Booger-fingers will not break my spirit

Yesterday I attended the Women Business Owners Network (WBON) Winter Conference in Manchester, Vermont. Everyone of the speakers was fantastic and one woman noted she felt "drunk on the energy." I can't begin to share all the things discussed but I will tell you, it was powerful! I believe in serendipity, in the power of … Continue reading Booger-fingers will not break my spirit

Volumes of wisdom

Every night I sleep next to Barbara Kingsolver, Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron, Christina Baldwin, Sarah Ban Breathnach, Anne LaMott, and Tristine Rainer. They don't get much action but I love them all and like having them close by. Books on journaling, books on writing, and couple more on parenting. A few novels, two Brain, Child … Continue reading Volumes of wisdom

Jour du Journal: Two little words

..move from a negative to positive focus by acknowledging that a relationship with the sacred is still occurring daily and looking for the good in what is happening.

Jour du Journal: Interpreting the Universe

As I lay coughing and spluttering in my bed today, I read my friend's email response to the cancellation of our weekend together (and this is why she and I are friends... birds of a feather...) It seems like it’s one thing after another. Deepak Chopra wrote something like if it seems like there are … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Interpreting the Universe

Jour du Journal: Serendipity Fest

How's this for a series of events? 1. I response to a call to submission on a national mother's writing forum. She published my essay (my first published work). 2. Turns out the editor/zine just happens to be based in a town an hour away. 3. The very week I finally subscribe to the local … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Serendipity Fest

Jour du Journal: Serendipity and Purpose

Yesterday on my other blog I wrote about Serendipity in my life. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. I choose to take this definition a step further and say that these "agreeable" things that occur do so because we are - consciously … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Serendipity and Purpose

Jour du Journal: You WILL find something to say!

In workshops I facilitate and ones I have attended myself, comments similar to this are usually made: I didn't think I'd have anything to say. I thought I would sit here not knowing what to write. You have to trust your pen. It wants to write. It loves to run across the page in a … Continue reading Jour du Journal: You WILL find something to say!