Jour du Journal: Two little words

…move from a negative to positive focus by acknowledging that a relationship with the sacred is still occurring daily and looking for the good in what is happening.

I don’t think I have read one book on writing, journaling or living a spiritual, authentic life that hasn’t urged me to express my gratitude. At one point in my 20s someone had given me a gorgeous little blank book. It was too small for my rambling journal entries so I decided to use it as a Gratitude Journal. Every night I wrote a list of 5 things for which I was thankful. One entry I remember was written on a steamy night in my second floor apartment. I thanked the universe for little, floaty nighties!

Christina Baldwin in Life’s Companion calls her entries A Blessing a Day:

Write a brief statement, choosing one thing you’ve noticed that you are willing to accept as a spiritual gift from the day. End the entry with the words Thank you.

She then goes a step further with this idea and asks her readers to also record A Gift to Day:

By adding the exercise of A Gift A Day… we we how abundant love is and how generous we can afford to be.

Write a  brief statement, choosing one thing you gave back to the world today that you are willing to acknowledge as your gift. End the entry with the words You’re Welcome.

If you do no other journaling than this one exercise, these two little phrases will enrich your life and the life of those you encounter.

I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with these journal prompts. Feel free to leave a comment (anonymously if you prefer).


2 thoughts on “Jour du Journal: Two little words

  1. Loving the writing prompts; excellent variety, inspirations. The new site is great and the content just gets better all the time; So many thanks! ETL

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