Jour du Journal: Interpreting the Universe

As I lay coughing and spluttering in my bed today, I read my friend’s email response to the cancellation of our weekend together (and this is why she and I are friends… birds of a feather…)

It seems like it’s one thing after another. Deepak Chopra wrote something like if it seems like there are too many obstacles, it’s the universe telling you something.

Yes, I do believe this, but I also know you can’t look at everything as a Sign. If you lived only by omens and “coincidences” you would be in constant flux and chaos. You have to be patient, watch for patterns, and those happenings that knock you over the head.

A way to determine the difference between life’s normal little snags and follies and real slaps of intuition is to write through it. Take an occurrence and interrogate it in your journal. Ask it what it means. See what you know… that you didn’t know you knew.

What do I need to understand about…


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