A prayer for my readers

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This post was inspired to this article by Molly Gordon, “Why you should pray for your clients.” As writing is my mediator to both the inner and higher sources of wisdom, I offer up this open letter as a prayer and meditation in honor of my valued readers and clients.


I do not know many of you personally but knowing you are there reading my words and sharing this journey called life brings me joy and encouragement. It is a blessing to know I am not alone.

I truly appreciate those who visit here and who occasionally comment. The thoughts and ideas you share and the gratitude you express brightens my day and gives me hope in this world that at times causes me despair. There are days, when the media is yelling, Be afraid!, the marketers are yelling, Buy more crap and feel crappy like everyone else! and my children are yelling, (S)he hit me again!, that I want nothing more than to crawl into my bed and not arise until war is over, big business is dead and my children have figured out they love each other. But through this blog and my work in the real world I meet people who inspire me and give me a glimpse at a changing – more loving – world. I thank every one of you for that.

It is my hope – my wish, my prayer – that as I continue to share my thoughts and experience that I will say exactly what you need to hear at the exact moment you need to hear it. I pray that Serendipity and Synchronicity will step in and allow us to meet, whether online or in person, just when you were looking for me (whether you realize or not!). I pray that you will come into my life and teach me something too, exactly when I need you. I learn from and am inspired by my readers, students and clients and I am so grateful for that!

Together as grateful, self-aware, self-confident and loving people, we can radiate a little more positive energy into this world.

So, I thank you, my dear readers, students and clients (current, past, and those whose paths I have yet to cross) for venturing along with me. And I thank the Great Good for giving me the courage me to walk – nay, dance! (and sometimes stumble) – along this path of my Potential and Purpose.

But above all, I pray you will find your own right path – the one that allows to find Flow. Believe in your talents, gifts and dreams and they will carry you far.




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2 thoughts on “A prayer for my readers

  1. synchronicity happened when I found this post today as I was just talking with someone yesterday about the power of prayer and I need to do my meditation/praying right now.. your post was like a ‘HELLO???? get to it!” that I needed!!
    as always thank you joanna!

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