One City, One Prompt

On October 29th, 2011 I am honored to be facilitating a community event in Rutland, Vermont which is part of a larger national/international* project called One City, One Prompt (see Events tab for more details). It is a project of the Transformative Language Arts Network (, which in this, its inception year, is taking place in more than 70 communities around the States (and in Japan and Egypt!). I am a Masters student in the Transformative Language Arts concentration at Goddard College, who is underwriting this project, and I will be facilitating this as part of my field work.

I am particularly excited about this event because the theme this year is Community and I have chosen the sub-theme to be Transformation, which I think are two vital words for my community right now. Local people will have the opportunity to voice their feelings about our community in any written form they wish. The resulting creative works will be shared with the country/world on a website maintained by TLAN. The Rutland Free Library is sponsoring/hosting the event and the Rutland Herald will be providing media coverage.

I have set up a Facebook Page where I will be posting details and you can ask questions or share ideas. The prompt itself has not been determined yet and I will most likely to looking for input from the community. So please “Like” so you can be a part of that.

* To find out if there is an One City One Prompt event in your area this fall, visit

Here’s the promotional video so you can get a better idea of the project:


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