One cold, dark, beautiful morning…

I wrote this post almost nine years ago, in November 2009. My life looks very different now -- I no longer need to lay out my children's clothes, for one thing, thank goodness! -- but the main message, that we all need support and friendship, is particularly on point for me right now.  When I … Continue reading One cold, dark, beautiful morning…


W.O.R.D.S: God, Goddess, Godde (or Cleaning up Pee)

The W.O.R.D.S. Project (Words Open Resonating Depths of the Sacred): An alphabetical search for questions.* Granted, it's easy to live connected to the Source when the sky is Open and the sun is shining, and the flowers bright. But when life Dumps reality on your head a hundred times a day... Damn it! Every day … Continue reading W.O.R.D.S: God, Goddess, Godde (or Cleaning up Pee)

I drove through sadness

I drove through sadness today. Tears from clouds and tears in ravaged river banks. Tears, rips, and gashes. Gutted, graded and gored. Rutted, raked and ruined. As I drove along Route 107 between Pittsfield and Bethel, Vermont for the first time since Tropical Storm Irene, I cried for my home state. Yes, I had seen … Continue reading I drove through sadness

One City, One Prompt

On October 29th, 2011 I am honored to be facilitating a community event in Rutland, Vermont which is part of a larger national/international* project called One City, One Prompt (see Events tab for more details). It is a project of the Transformative Language Arts Network (, which in this, its inception year, is taking place in more than … Continue reading One City, One Prompt

Danger: Toxic levels of self-bashing

This post is a bit of an off-shoot for me but as I write it I will somehow figure out how to make a journaling prompt out of it. And I also know many of you will relate to what I am about to say. I got rejected. By a home-cleaning professional. Let me explain. … Continue reading Danger: Toxic levels of self-bashing

We plan. Life laughs.

Well, here we are. Five days into 2011 and I am finally getting to my computer. I had big plans. My goals for work, school, housework, and this blog were all spelled out in my January 1 journal entry. I had my running shoes on and I was just waiting for the starting gun, i.e. … Continue reading We plan. Life laughs.

My interview with Tara Sophia Mohr

A few weeks ago I was honored to be interviewed about the benefits of journaling by writer and life coach Tara Sophia Mohr at Wise Living. Here she blogs about "living more intentionally in order to create a vital, peaceful, joyful life." I thank Tara for including me in this journey. Here is the full post: Interview … Continue reading My interview with Tara Sophia Mohr

Trust the process, part 6 (Procrastination)

I have to admit this post is an act of pure procrastination. I have two book annotations to write for my next packet of graduate work. I am still in my jammies at 10:21AM and the house is quiet except for the fish tank trickling, the bunny crashing around the play room and playing … Continue reading Trust the process, part 6 (Procrastination)

Katrina, 5 years on, first hand

(I'm going to digress from my regular theme today as August 29th is an important anniversary in my family's and this country's history.) Five years ago I was in my home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, approximately 2 hours north of the Gulf coast. As I sat tightly cradling my child against me trying to stem my … Continue reading Katrina, 5 years on, first hand

Quoting Christina: We write.

What I think we are up to, we throngs of journal-writing pilgrims, is reclamation. We are searching for ways to reclaim a sense of place, a sense of empowerment, a sense of healthy relationship between our lives and our times. We look for whatever can help us make sense of the moment. We Write. (Christina … Continue reading Quoting Christina: We write.