New Writing and Wellness Center Opens

New Writing and Wellness Center Opens

By: Joanna Young, Reporter for Wisdom Within, Ink

Rutland, Vermont: In the midst of Rutland City, there is a tiny haven. It stands behind a fence on a residential street and started life as a garage. However, it now heeds a higher calling.

The Writer’s Refuge is a place of healing and creativity. It is a place where you can come to write your novel or write through pain, grief, trauma, joys and transitions. It is a place where, surrounded by flowers in the summer or by a cozy fire in the winter, you can unleash your creativity and ideas, discover your authentic self and reinvent yourself according to your hidden dreams and aspirations. It is a place where self-reflection and self-expression will lead to self-discovery, helping you ultimately gain self-confidence.

Founded by writer and certified journaling instructor, Joanna Young, the Writer’s Refuge is itself a dream manifested, first in writing, then in reality. As a husband-wife team, Joanna and Brad, an adult psychotherapist, provide workshops, classes and counseling for those ready to manifest their potential and who are searching for a fulfilled life.


The above article is about a place that has not yet been created. The building exists and, most importantly, so does the vision. While I teach self-discovery workshops now, the Writer’s Refuge (which in various forms has been a dream of mine for almost 20 years) itself is still a work in progress. The building is so close to functional but there are still vital things that need to be done (new flooring, a heat source and a new bathroom, for example). At this moment the only obstacle is financial, but with less than $2,000 and some TLC this vision will become a reality.

Look for it soon! The Writer’s Refuge will be open for business in the near future!

Prompt: Write about a dream you want to see realized as if it has already happened.

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12 thoughts on “New Writing and Wellness Center Opens

  1. hi Jo; fantastic performance last nite at Gchurch; my gray clapboards and deck door look eirily?sp) like yours; first other impression/connection was to Po Bronson’s ‘writers grotto idea… may wish to google it /him. My deck, like your back haven has oft been a source of my own writing inspiration; here’s to your vision stepping into reality zone! E

    • Thanks for coming on Saturday – wow, what a high that was! Glad to hear you are still journaling. Soon you’ll be able to come write in my haven.

  2. Hey Joanna, I’d behappy to help with this project? — It reminds me of the Writers Room in NYC? –
    You could even model it similarly if you needed to, renting keys and time to use the space…I’d be in for a lifetime lease!

  3. Reblogged this on wisdom within, ink and commented:

    Two years later it’s getting closer to becoming a reality! (And I recently discovered it was originally a wheelwright shop – love that it has more history than just a plain ol’ garage!)

  4. What a fantastic vision! I was so excited as I was reading believing it already existed and wanting to participate!!! But I would love to participate in its creation so if you have a to do list….I’m in.

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