Envisioning a Write New Year

This post is an edited version of the first posting of my newest column in the Rutland Herald called "All Write!" which ran January 2, 2016.   Writing isn’t only my career (something for which I am extremely grateful), but also has been my lifeline since I was a teenager. I started writing a diary … Continue reading Envisioning a Write New Year


A Path to Publication, pt 10: Kicking open the creaking door

At this past Saturday's conference of the League of Vermont Writers, keynoter David Dobbs encouraged us to kick open every door that creaks. This metaphor has been a repeating one in my life lately and I have been knocking on several. What I didn't expect was for some of these doors to not only creak, … Continue reading A Path to Publication, pt 10: Kicking open the creaking door

Envision your Future and Fear Not

In March 1997 (I was 25), I wrote in my journal: When I peer into an undated future (maybe 10 years)… I see myself in my own home, married… I never think of myself working [outside the home], no I’m writing… in a sunny room with birds singing outside the window… In a blog post … Continue reading Envision your Future and Fear Not

Let there be light!

I must share my immense gratitude this morning. I write this with sleep-filled eyes and pillow-mashed hair. And a huge smile on my face. I woke at 5AM. Too hot? Downtown train's brakes extra squealey on the tracks? A cat pushed open the door? Whatever it was, I awoke to find my mind already engrossed … Continue reading Let there be light!

The Authentic Voice Project

For redefinition, I was thrown back to myself, to my inner knowing… Marilyn Sewell, Cries of the Spirit Words. Manifestations of our thoughts. Creators of our internal messages. Words have and continue to shape history and people - not always positively and sometimes with devastating consequences. Words have an affect on us, more powerful than … Continue reading The Authentic Voice Project

Dear Fearful Ones…

I offer you another recycled post about facing Fear. I wrote this two years ago during a time of transition. In hindsight I can see that 2009 was a pivotal year for me when I was learning that trying to control life (and the emotions that arise in response to it) is like trying to … Continue reading Dear Fearful Ones…

Tolerating Fear

This is a recycled post from a couple of years ago. With summer in full , hot swing, the kids are home most days of the week leaving me very little chance to write (the beach and my laptop aren't great friends). I am yearning to write but when I do have a moment I … Continue reading Tolerating Fear

Trust the Process (pt 9): The Body Knows

As I enter the final week of my first year of graduate school I wonder if, as all Goddard College advisors urge, I have truly trusted the process? This semester has been a rough one time-wise, emotionally and physically. Those of you who have kept up with this blog over the last couple of years … Continue reading Trust the Process (pt 9): The Body Knows

When opportunity knocks… and hands you a gift

Yesterday I received a card through the mail. Inside was a magnet that read: "When opportunity knocks don't be the one who says, 'Can somebody get that?'" This gift was from Kay Adams, founder and director of the Center for Journal Therapy, and it represents a bigger gift which she gave me when she called out … Continue reading When opportunity knocks… and hands you a gift

We plan. Life laughs.

Well, here we are. Five days into 2011 and I am finally getting to my computer. I had big plans. My goals for work, school, housework, and this blog were all spelled out in my January 1 journal entry. I had my running shoes on and I was just waiting for the starting gun, i.e. … Continue reading We plan. Life laughs.