One City, One Prompt

On October 29th, 2011 I am honored to be facilitating a community event in Rutland, Vermont which is part of a larger national/international* project called One City, One Prompt (see Events tab for more details). It is a project of the Transformative Language Arts Network (, which in this, its inception year, is taking place in more than … Continue reading One City, One Prompt

2011 session of Yoga ‘n’ Write

We're back! Rachel and I plan to start the New Year quietly and mindfully on the mat and on the page - and in a new location! Won't you join us? Please click the Events tab for the details or visit here to read an article. _______ Please visit my page for articles on … Continue reading 2011 session of Yoga ‘n’ Write

New Fall Workshops Scheduled

This Fall... Overcome creative blocks... Understand your dreams... Connect mind & body... De-stress... Re-invent yourself ... SCHEDULE OF EVENTS _______ Please visit my page for articles on Journaling for Kids, Organization and almost everything in between. Private coaching - Customized to help you re-INK your own life - available in person or via email.

Yoga ‘n’ Write: New session announced!

♦ Yoga 'n' Write: Connecting Body, Mind, Spirit Thursdays, OCTOBER 7 - NOVEMBER 11, 2010; 5:30 - 7:00PM $15 drop-in fee Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center, Rutland, Vermont Instructors: Joanna Tebbs Young and Rachel Alexander An Exploratory Collaboration of Iyengar Yoga and Journal Writing: Discover how the mindful practices of yoga and expressive writing go hand-in-hand, … Continue reading Yoga ‘n’ Write: New session announced!

Registering Now!

New "Re-INK Your Life" workshops offered in White River Junction, Vermont in June: Unblock Your Creativity: Journaling for Writers (Bloggers, Wannabes... Everyone!) Your Authentic Business: Journaling to Success! Visit here for details and registration.

Yoga and Journaling Class offered in Rutland, VT

Yoga 'n' Write: Connecting Mind, Body, Spirit An Exploratory Collaboration of Iyengar Yoga and Journal Writing Thursdays: April 1 - June 3 6-7:30PM Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center, Rutland, VT (802.775.8080) $10 drop-in fee No previous experience in yoga or writing necessary Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, pen and paper. Blanket and … Continue reading Yoga and Journaling Class offered in Rutland, VT

Spring “Journal to the Self” workshop scheduled

For information on the Journal to the Self workshop, visit the JTTS page or you can download a Registration Form (.pdf)

22 Techniques

The Journal to the Self workshop is based on the book of the same name by Kathleen Adams and teaches 22 journaling techniques allowing you to "discover the writer within, learn life management skills, and tap into creative problem-solving." When attending the entire 12-hour workshop you can expect to learn the following: Why you should … Continue reading 22 Techniques