Fall 2012 Workshops at The Writers’ Room

“I have learned [in this class that] I am probably wiser about things than I was allowed to believe about myself as a child… I love the structure of this class — the prompts give me focus and purpose for what follows. The prompts send me places I didn’t intend to go or didn’t know existed in my mind.

I have felt honored to participate in Joanna’s workshops, and have gained confidence in my writing and trust in my own inner voice.Susan, “Voice Quest” participant

  • Voice Quest: Writing a Spiritual Journey (or Writing YourSelf Home)

    ~Wednesdays, September 12 – December 12 (13 weeks – any or all sessions; no meeting November 21); 7-8:30PM
    ~ “Pay-what-you-can” (suggested donation $10-$20 per session)
    ~ Register or ask a question here

    “The spiritual journey is one of becoming real… to say who we are.” — Sue Monk Kidd, When the Heart Waits

    Voice Quest is a 13-step journey towards your Potential. By accessing and strengthening your inner voice and intuition through writing you will gain Confidence in your goals, dreams, ideas, talents, and opinions – in yourSelf. Learn to listen to your deeper/higher wisdom as you seek Healing and Wholeness.


  • Un(b)lock your Creativity: Expressive Writing as a Key

    ~ Thursdays, September 13 – October 4 (4 weeks); 7-8:30PM
    ~”Pay-what-you-can” (suggested donation $10-$20 per session)
    ~ Register or ask a question here

    I thoroughly enjoyed Joanna’s presentation…  I especially liked the writing exercises.  The ones most helpful to me were Positive Reasons for Writing,  Balancing our Fears with Reality, and Listing the Things that Make us Angry, Happy and Afraid (to write about)…..a good jump start.” – Donna, participant

    Drawing on the wisdom of experts such as Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones) and Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way), learn how to use your journal as a tool to unlock creativity, get the words  & ideas flowing, overcome fears and gain confidence in your own talents. And guess what? The techniques can be applied to help you out-write your everyday fears of risk and failure!

  •  Night Writing: Dialoguing with your Dreams

    ~ Thursdays, October 18 – November 8 (4 weeks); 7-8:30PM
    ~ “Pay-what-you-can” (suggested donation $10-$20 per session)
    ~ Register or ask a question here

    Tap into the powerful wisdom of your dreams using equally powerful writing techniques. Learn how to increase dream recall, explore dream symbols and analyze their personal meaning for Healing, Self-Discovery and Creative Insight.

All events held at The Writers’ Room at Allen House unless otherwise stated.

Any of these classes can also be taught one-on-one. Please contact me for information.

Workshop Announced: Natural Wisdom

Natural Wisdom: Writing and Art as Spiritual Voice

Sundays, October 2, 9, 16, 23; 12-2PM

Grace Congregational Church, Rutland, Vermont


The trill of birdsong, the crash of waves… the exquisite voice of Mother Earth. How does the language of nature speak to you and inspire your own voice?

In this 4-week workshop we will listen to the music of nature and write or draw in response as we look to our inner voice for spiritual and personal insight.

Cost is “pay what you can” (suggested $10-15 per session) with a portion to be donated to the Grace Church Music Program.

No writing experience is necessary: your writing is for your eyes only if you prefer. However, for those who wish to share, some of the creative results will be compiled and published on this blog as a follow-up to the workshop.

Please sign up for one or all sessions by clicking here to sign-up (or click on the Contact tab above).

One City, One Prompt

On October 29th, 2011 I am honored to be facilitating a community event in Rutland, Vermont which is part of a larger national/international* project called One City, One Prompt (see Events tab for more details). It is a project of the Transformative Language Arts Network (tlanetwork.org), which in this, its inception year, is taking place in more than 70 communities around the States (and in Japan and Egypt!). I am a Masters student in the Transformative Language Arts concentration at Goddard College, who is underwriting this project, and I will be facilitating this as part of my field work.

I am particularly excited about this event because the theme this year is Community and I have chosen the sub-theme to be Transformation, which I think are two vital words for my community right now. Local people will have the opportunity to voice their feelings about our community in any written form they wish. The resulting creative works will be shared with the country/world on a website maintained by TLAN. The Rutland Free Library is sponsoring/hosting the event and the Rutland Herald will be providing media coverage.

I have set up a Facebook Page where I will be posting details and you can ask questions or share ideas. The prompt itself has not been determined yet and I will most likely to looking for input from the community. So please “Like” so you can be a part of that.

* To find out if there is an One City One Prompt event in your area this fall, visit http://onecityoneprompt.org/

Here’s the promotional video so you can get a better idea of the project:


2011 session of Yoga ‘n’ Write

We’re back! Rachel and I plan to start the New Year quietly and mindfully on the mat and on the page – and in a new location! Won’t you join us?

Please click the Events tab for the details or visit here to read an article.


Please visit my Examiner.com page for articles on Journaling for Kids, Organization and almost everything in between.
Private coaching – Customized to help you re-INK your own life – available in person or via email.

New Fall Workshops Scheduled

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This Fall…

Overcome creative blocks…

Understand your dreams…

Connect mind & body…


Re-invent yourself



Please visit my Examiner.com page for articles on Journaling for Kids, Organization and almost everything in between.

Private coaching – Customized to help you re-INK your own life – available in person or via email.

Yoga ‘n’ Write: New session announced!

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Yoga ‘n’ Write: Connecting Body, Mind, Spirit

Thursdays, OCTOBER 7 – NOVEMBER 11, 2010; 5:30 – 7:00PM

$15 drop-in fee

Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center, Rutland, Vermont

Instructors: Joanna Tebbs Young and Rachel Alexander

An Exploratory Collaboration of Iyengar Yoga and Journal Writing: Discover how the mindful practices of yoga and expressive writing go hand-in-hand, allowing for a heightened body-mind-spirit connection.

ALIGN your body on the mat, your pen on the page
Discipline your physical and mental STRENGTH
Pay ATTENTION to the wisdom that comes from letting go

No experience in either yoga or writing required! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, pen and paper. Blankets, block and strap also suggested (available for purchase in Pyramid store).

Brochure for download: Yoga ‘n’ Write (.pdf)

Registering Now!

New “Re-INK Your Life” workshops offered in White River Junction, Vermont in June:

Unblock Your Creativity: Journaling for Writers (Bloggers, Wannabes… Everyone!)

Your Authentic Business: Journaling to Success!

Visit here for details and registration.

Yoga and Journaling Class offered in Rutland, VT

Credit: Joanna Tebbs Young

Yoga ‘n’ Write: Connecting Mind, Body, Spirit

An Exploratory Collaboration of Iyengar Yoga and Journal Writing

Thursdays: April 1 – June 3
Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center, Rutland, VT (802.775.8080)
$10 drop-in fee
No previous experience in yoga or writing necessary

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, pen and paper. Blanket and block also suggested (available for purchase in Pyramid store)

For more information, please read this article: Yoga and Journaling Class offered in Rutland, VT or download the Yoga ‘n’ Write (.pdf) brochure.

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Spring “Journal to the Self” workshop scheduled

For information on the Journal to the Self workshop, visit the JTTS page or you can download a Registration Form (.pdf)

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22 Techniques

The Journal to the Self workshop is based on the book of the same name by Kathleen Adams and teaches 22 journaling techniques allowing you to “discover the writer within, learn life management skills, and tap into creative problem-solving.”

When attending the entire 12-hour workshop you can expect to learn the following:

  • Why you should keep a journal
  • Suggestions for satisfying journaling
  • 5-minute Sprint
  • Character Sketch
  • Springboards
  • Clustering
  • Captured Moments
  • Lists of 100
  • Dialogue
  • Time Capsules
  • Stream of Conscious
  • Topic du Jour
  • Life Balance/Inventory
  • Unsent Letters
  • Imagery/Art
  • Dream Logs
  • Perspectives
  • Inner Wisdom
  • AlphaPoems

While some of these names are self-explanatory, others sound mysterious, don’t they? (And you’ll have to attend a workshop to learn all about them!) But each technique holds it own unique ability to access a part of your brain and subconscious. You will learn to use one or a combination of them to help you solve certain problems, heal different inner wounds, and have some creative fun (and maybe experience a little bit of magic too!).

If you have any further questions about the workshops, please leave a comment or send me an email.

If you are reading this from anywhere other than Vermont, USA, please visit here to find a workshop leader closer to you – we’re all over the world!