Because I have been taking myself too seriously…

I realized something this morning. I miss writing. While I write something everyday - my journal, an article or just a facebook status (does that count?) - I miss what I do best (humble, I know): Write. I loved everything about blogging when I began writing at My days and activities were all potential … Continue reading Because I have been taking myself too seriously…


Put the lime in the coconut

It finally turned warm (again) this weekend. Two weeks ago I got a sunburn, one week ago I was scraping snow off the car and today I am sitting by an open window trying to get some air while the sky threatens a thunder storm. That kind of dramatic weather change not only messes with … Continue reading Put the lime in the coconut

A reminder just in time for summer vacation

Note: This is a recycled post, the second in a series while I take a journal-blogging break. I hope you enjoy the off-topic jaunt. Silly Mommy, trips are for kids! May 10, 2009 Funny how memory works. We swear we will never take both kids to the grocery store right after school, then we do again… … Continue reading A reminder just in time for summer vacation

Fry-daddies and other down-right scary things

This post is off topic but a necessary rant for me (thanks for listening). I'm not one to promote TV shows or popular culture issues or to insert highly Google-able words just to get readership. If I was in this for high stats I would change my focus - "journaling" isn't exactly a hot SEO. … Continue reading Fry-daddies and other down-right scary things

Simplifying, one (beautiful) dish at a time

Last week our dishwasher began rinsing with chunky, mustard-yellow water which then pooled in the bottom of the machine. Hubby attempted to fix the problem to no avail and I descended into minor panic mode. I can't keep on top of the endless piles of dishes, pots, and cutlery as it is and now I … Continue reading Simplifying, one (beautiful) dish at a time

Finding my rhythm

Children don't know about rhythms, not the ones we adults recognize, anyway. Their internal beat is like one from another culture - African, Asian, Alien - that is not the 4/4 we Westerners are used to.  Time is of no consequence. Play always, eat whenever, sleep only when legs will no longer run.  Until my … Continue reading Finding my rhythm

Perpetuating our own truth

Even before I got out of the car I questioned why I was here. I had pulled myself away from a cozy fire and good company to go out into a chilly, damp December night. I was about to walk into an overheated crowd of locals, some of whom I hadn't seen for twenty years … Continue reading Perpetuating our own truth

Code Red: Avoidance

If avoidance had a color it would be red. Red alert. WAH. WAH. WAH. Avoiding talking about the state of your bank balance with your spouse. Avoiding going to the doctor with that chest pain. Avoiding thinking about how much you are drinking. Avoiding your journal. Fortunately, I am not avoiding my journal (not today, … Continue reading Code Red: Avoidance

1991 called

I think I have mentioned before that I am addicted to planners. Not a bad addiction when you consider the options. But I fear I am woefully out of date (pun intended). I watched the movie 27 Dresses where the main character Jane, played by Katherine Heigl, is a perpetual bridesmaid and wedding planner for … Continue reading 1991 called

Just asking

Why is it...1. After you spend 20 minutes stuffing your children into their five layers of winter clothing, hats, mittens, and boots, they stay outside for exactly 2.2 minutes? And then after peeling them back out of it all, leaving a puddle of melted snow and ice on the rug (in which you step in … Continue reading Just asking