I have survived

This the sixth in a series of poems from the “Write to Recover” group I facilitate. I put them together from phrases that resonate with me while participants read. I add nothing but punctuation and the occasional conjunction. This one is comprised of the words of three participants.


As a lost soul I was locked up inside my mind.

It was a lonely place inside my head,

Not knowing what I had known.

And that was not OK with my inner self,

The kind soul I know I am, the honest being.

I will meet the demons and say good bye,

And instead enjoy days with me in a warm glow.

I learn from me how to be kind to myself.

I will take a drink of courage —

I am a courageous woman with every intention of staying strong.

I am capable.

I will try harder.

I will not be pulled down,

I will stay grounded in sanity.

Plant my gardens,

Weed out the undesirable and plant the positives.

I will flower on!

Because I have survived.


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