Feel God and Sunshine

This the seventh in a series of poems from the “Write to Recover” group I facilitate. I put them together from phrases that resonate with me while participants read. I add nothing but punctuation and the occasional conjunction. This one is comprised of the words of five participants.


Big, different color swirl —

My life lost in the desert,

Living with a lie.

Already fragmented –

Mish-mash of different purposes,

Bondage of self.


I cried…


I wanted to die.


But I kept going.


Time for excuses is over,

I confront the devil for who he is.

I take care of my needs first.

Give myself hope,

I work on being safe.


I am calm,

Mind light as a feather.

Surrender is the key.


Feel god and sunshine,

Feel your grace


I wish I could wake up further down the road but,

I am evolving.

Keep going, don’t look back;

Live with no regrets.


I am a tiger in the woods,

Can you hear me roar?



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