A time to reflect

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. — Anne Bradstreet


Dear Readers,

It is four days before Christmas and my to-do list is long. My children finish school for Christmas break as of 3:15 today. For the next two weeks, out of self-preservation, my mommy hat will be the only one firmly planted on my head. While I crave to sit at my computer and write (I have so many things I want to reflect upon in writing and to share with you, dear readers!), it is not in the cards for now.

But I will be taking the time with my private journal to reflect upon my own journey, to ponder the paths I have taken, the ones I have been lead down, and to envision those I have yet to take. So, at this Solstice – the turning towards Light, Newness, Beginnings, and Growth – I invite you to open your journal and take some time to consider your paths of the past year(s). Be kind to yourself. Do not judge your decisions or your emotions regarding them. Accept them and yourself. Let the feelings flow through you to your pen and onto the page. And leave them there. Write your story but don’t live it over and over again. Write a new story. An exciting one, a challenging one, an open-minded one, a creative one, a lovely one.

And then live it.

This is where I have been …. and I have learned this… Thank you!

This is where I am…. and I accept myself and my feelings unconditionally. Thank you!

This is where I shall go next…. and I do so with courage and faith in myself. Thank you!

My next step is… and I can’t wait to see what I can do!

I wish you Joy and Peace at this junction of Darkness and Light. Until next year…

Namaste ~



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