What is your Purpose?

Tweet This Blog Post!“Why am I here?”

Oh, boy.

For a few years now I’ve come to a personal understanding that the answer to that question is,  “To Pursue my Potential.” For me this means finding the things I enjoy and do well and developing them. It means to Focus with Meaningful Intent and Challenging myself to learn more, practice more and use my gifts for Good.

I have made it my Purpose and my Mission to also help others find and nurture their own gifts and talents. Our personal – and often stashed away – dreams are almost always a direct relative of our gifts and talents. We intuitively know what we are good at and therefore our dreams sprout from this. Our dream job or adventure is always a winning idea because it has both ability and ambition built right in. (Unfortunately, why so many get stuck is Fear.*)

With these things percolating in mind, I have slowly come to the realization that I have been putting my own True Purpose on the bottom of the to-do list. Again and again. I have always wanted to write, I get lost in the Flow of writing and writing is all I ever want to do when I have a day to myself (ha!). But despite that I do it far less than I want – and need (out of fear?). I have been so focused on establishing myself as a coach that my own needs have gone unfulfilled. I have not been focused. I have not listened to my inner voice telling me that I am the most happy when flinging words around.

I love to teach (and I know it is another precious gift that I have no right to ignore) and I wouldn’t give that up for a moment. But I have make writing more of a priority. The more I write the more I plug into my Purpose. With Purpose comes Meaning comes Passion comes Happiness. And it is with Passion and Happiness I will be a better (and hopefully more inspiring) teacher to my students.

I am here to be the best writer I can be.

There, said it! Now, why are YOU here?


Every human has gifts and talents. This does not necessarily mean artistic talents. Some are talented speakers, others listeners. Someone else may have the gift of cooking while another is able to drive a race car with – dare I say? – elegance. The point is to recruit your abilities and then team them up with experience and determination and go for the win! Find your Purpose and Focus on it. No matter what!

Below is the video which prompted this post. It explains how each of us have our very own Purpose (which is why there is no one answer to that age-old question of “Why We Are Here?” ).

Video from http://www.silvamethodlife.com/shedding-light-on-your-life-purpose


* Here are some articles I have written on Fear and how to use writing to overcome it:

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7 thoughts on “What is your Purpose?

  1. I’ve recently come in contact with your blog and I enjoy reading what you write. This leads me to believe, you truly are gifted in your writing. I hope you continue to find time to provide others the great things you have to share. I too want to find more time doing what I love. It is so ironic you wrote this at this time. It can be so easy to get so far off track, yet life has a way of reminding you…one way or another…

    • Thank you, Angela. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere! I appreciate your words and I hope you can find your way back to your own path.

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  3. Ah we all love this question. What are we here for?
    my wry thought in the middle of the night: to fertilize the earth.
    but what else, I thought, a pile of worms could do THAT..

    I think i am here to pass knowledge on to others. I think I am going to live to be very old and sharp….. but I don’t think that is all.

    I have always loved to paint and hope to learn to paint well enough that my paintings are valued.

    Thanks for asking.

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