A journaling resource

Below is a copy of the index page at my little corner of Examiner.com where I am the Burlington Journaling Examiner (which really cracks me up – as if there are “journaling examiners” anywhere else in the world, let alone Vermont!). I share this list as a simple menu for any blog readers whose order is more in the line of “journaling information, side of prompts, hold the literary musings.”

My hope is that you will bookmark this post or the index page itself, and refer to it when you have a particular challenge or question you’d like to journal through. I am adding new articles all the time so please check back often. (The categories with no active link will have attached articles soon, I promise. Just think of them as dessert – worth the wait.)

List of journaling techniques categorized by function

(Posted at Examiner.com)

  1. Getting Started
  2. Journaling Techniques for Organization
  3. Journaling Techniques for Emotional Healing
  4. Journaling Techniques for Goal-setting/Dreams
  5. Journaling Techniques for Memory-Keeping/Memoir
  6. Journaling Techniques for Parents
  7. Journaling Techniques for Kids
  8. Journaling Techniques for Business
  9. Journaling Techniques for Inner Wisdom
  10. Journaling Techniques for Artists and Writers
  11. Journaling Techniques for Physical Health
  12. Vermont Connections to Writing and Well-Being

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