What’s your mission?

Today I wrote the mission statement for this journey I am calling Wisdom Within, Ink:

It is the mission of Wisdom Within, Ink to (re)introduce the healing, creative and empowering art of journal writing to those wishing to discover their authentic self.

Why do companies write mission statements? To determine their intentions, their purpose, their raison d’etre. To lay down a path, to map out a route, to provide an itinerary. If you don’t have a clear idea of why and where you are going you could get completely lost. Yes, you can wander a little but as long as you keep your sense of direction you will have a more successful journey.

Of course, you don’t have to be a company to have a Mission. It is a very good idea to give your personal life direction by putting in writing your personal statement also. Here’s mine:

To pursue those activities that bring me joy and fulfillment while caring for myself, my family and my community. I will honor my body, mind and spirit knowing that when I am personally whole I will be a better wife, mother and business woman.

What’s your Mission Statement? Spend some time thinking through what you want out of your life and the direction you intend to go. Your statement can be long or short or in any format you wish: A sentence, paragraph, bullet points, a picture even. Your family can have a statement also. Gather around the table and as a committee co-write your family’s purpose and intent for a better life.

For more information on writing mission statements, read my Examiner article.


3 thoughts on “What’s your mission?

  1. Every time I read your blog I want to do these prompts. Then I get sidetracked and things just don’t happen. My authentic self. I’ve been trying to get to for so long. Every time I think I have it, life changes and I have to change with it.

    Now it’s been networking to get back into a science career that unexpectedly came knocking at my door. So things have been set in partial motion for the potential to be working about 9 months sooner than I thought.

    That serendipity thing? This all happened within 2 months of starting to blog about Operation Mama needs a Job. I keep thinking of you and your “if you write it, it will come” kind of serendipity.

    Hey… I’m going to send you an email soon. Keep an eye out for it.


    • Congrats on the job, Casey!

      Your blog is like a journal – do you find it therapeutic? Maybe it’s all you need for now. Putting any extra stress on yourself to try to write more is far from helpful. Try this: just one word a day that sums up the day.

      I’ll be looking for your email…

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