Connecting hand with mind and heart

Writing… digested our sorrow, dissolved and integrated our inner rigidity, and let us move on. I don’t even remember what we wrote about. It didn’t matter. The effort of forming words, physically connecting hand with mind and heart, and then having the freedom to read aloud transformed us.— Natalie Goldberg, Thunder and Lightning

I read this quote last night just before falling asleep. Dreams began almost immediately – so immediately I wondered if I was hallucinating instead of sleeping. I can only describe the vision as an elliptic flash of lights, racing back and forth between my head and my hand. Its meaning was obvious: There is electricity when one engages the hand in tune with the head and heart, just as Natalie said.

There is also healing.


My mind is saying…

My heart wants to say…

You can set yourself a time limit (say 10 minutes) or write for as long as you need to.


2 thoughts on “Connecting hand with mind and heart

  1. Lovely. These are just the issues I’m tackling — where, how, which direction. My mind is saying I need to earn money. My heart is saying that writing is my true work. How do I meld the two to make a meaningful life?

  2. Christina Baldwin says you have to follow your heart while taking the appropriate risks (I’ll try to find the exact quote later). What that means is, if there is no money coming in you have to do what you have to do to get food on the table. But if writing is your authentic path then you MUST follow it. Believe you will make it. It may take time but eventually you may be able to let the other “paycheck only” job(s) go.

    Believing in yourself and the utter importance of living a meaningful life can make unbelievable things happen. It has just happened to my husband. I will be posting about it soon, so check back! Magic can happen! (But you might have to be patient.)

    Keep writing… and believing!

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