Jour du Journal: Perspective of your future

Guess what? I’m a prophet! An en-visionary, a manifester, a future-maker!

Yesterday while I was teaching a workshop I shared a Perspective I had written on 10.23.08 but had dated 10.23.09. I discovered much of it had come true.

A Perspective is a journal entry written from different angle, in this case, from a future date. (There are other forms of Perspectives but I’ll leave those for later post.) You write the entry as if it is that date, making note of how your life is in this “unknown” future. This is where you can imagine where you might be, what you might be doing, and how you got there.

While reading my journal entry, I discovered something important: Only the things that were truly meaningful to me had occurred (or were well on their way to happening). For example, the very first sentence of my entry stated I had been published. In October 2008 I was not published, however, by October 23, 2009 I had three articles in print. I also wrote that I was no longer working outside the home, and instead working as a writer and workshop leader, even though at time I was barely a month into a new job.

Further into my writing I stated I was successfully and efficiently keeping the housework under control. Oh, don’t I wish! Well, actually I do kinda wish, but this is where my authenticity can’t be disguised – I am not a good housewife and I don’t really care (that much). If keeping my house in order was a true ambition I would have somehow made it happen.

Purpose and intent: This is what makes the difference.

So, while channeling your authentic purpose, date your page one year from today and write…

(Be sure to save it and revisit it one year from now to see what a prophet you are!)


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