Obligatory New Year Post

At the end of the year it is the law of the land that you look back on what you have accomplished (or not) and then look forward and make unattainable goals for the new year.

I was going to say that I don’t like to follow rules and refuse to do this. But the sad truth is I’m actually the worst kind of conformist – to my own rules. Therefore, I decree, I shalt ponder the year…

As this is primarily intended as a writing blog, I will focus on that.

What I accomplished in 2008:
1. Completed a two year long Children’s Literature course.
2. Began writing this blog (and got a small number of readers).
3. Accepted to Journal Instructor Certification course.
4. Submitted two articles and two queries.
5. Had one article accepted.
6. “Hired” as a journal instructor.
7. Hired as a grantwriter (and do-everything-elser) by a non-profit.
8. (and this is the biggest achievement in my mind): Began thinking of and believing in myself as a Writer (yes, that’s with a capital W).

What I hope to accomplish in 2009:
1. Make a writing schedule for myself that I stick to as if it were a work obligation (“no, I’m sorry I can’t bake 24 dozen cupcakes for this afternoon, because, well, I don’t bake, and I have to work.”)
2. Write this blog at least once a week, preferably twice.
3. Continue “The Tale of Two Couples.” (The telling of this story became hard for me, something I wasn’t expecting. I have yet to figure out why… still too close to the heart??)
4. Take the time to read more blogs.
5. Write in my journal daily.
6. Read more of the magazines to which I would like to submit.
7. Write, write, write, submit, submit, submit…

Anyone want to be the “Ethel” to my “Lucy” (i.e. be my buddy and nag me to keep to my goals)? (I credit The Momstown’s Guide to Getting it All for this idea, and I think it especially appropriate to me as I have the right name.)

OK, obligatory reflection and goal-setting done. Now I have to wish you all the obligatory good wishes and success for the coming year.

May there be:
A world-wide effort towards peace (starting with me and you)
Food for hungry stomachs
Hope for trembling hearts
Joy in tear-filled eyes
Fewer natural disasters and no human-made ones
Less hate and much, much more love.

And I send many good vibes to our new president…



2 thoughts on “Obligatory New Year Post

  1. happy new year sweetie! i will be your ethel! although – can i pick a new name? 😉 seriously, i am enjoying my first 2 hour delay of the school year and am using it to catch up on your blog! i’m hoping it turns into a day off (we have no power at school currently), in which case i will be trying to write my 2008 recap letter and set my goals for 2009. that is, after i write my thank-you cards for the xmas gifts from my students and co-workers…. so, if you dont mind an ethel who is a little behind…, i’m applying for the job!

  2. Withani (K), you’re hired! And you can choose whatever name you’d like. I wish everyone who reads my blog would comment – I’m in constant need of validation 😉I hope you get a true day off – we’re closed today but a snowday is far from a day off for mom, ya know?Looking forward to your letter.

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