How to get readers for your blog

I don’t actually have an answer to that.

But I’m wondering… is anyone reading this blog? Do I sit here each morning dedicatedly babbling to myself? It’s OK really, I love to write and having this excuse is lovely.

I have been researching tips on how you get you, dear reader, to come spend some time with me each day. I do think I have something worthy to say – well, some of the time. This article by Darren Rowse is where I found a great list of techniques to draw readers in. See the title of this post? See what I did there? Very sneaky. To the point and something someone might actually search for in google (as I did). Ooo, I feel so manipulative.

The reality is, I can spend time researching and acting on these promotion techniques but the only results I get is a completely wasted morning, a headache, and a pile of laundry still waiting to be attended to. How many times can I attempt to post something in the HTML before I throw the computer across the room?

Think positively…

So, dear reader(s), if you’re just joining us, please scroll down… I’m testing the system right now and I believe you will find some interesting reading just a post or two away. And if you find something you like, please let me know so I will know I’m not just talking to myself over in this lonely corner of cyberspace.

Thank you and happy reading.


2 thoughts on “How to get readers for your blog

  1. Girrrl! Get you a sitemeter! That will cure some neuroticism (sp?). Although, it also inspires some inferiority when you examine the small number that actually visit your site each day….hmmm, could be counterproductive.p.s. i have no flippin’ idea how to build a reader base…but then again, i’m not out there workin’ on it exactly. 🙂

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