Step into life

I put this poem together from phrases written in the “Write to Recover” group I facilitate. Writing down phrases that caught my ear (and heart) while they shared, snippets of poems just appeared. We all have a poet inside when we get out of our own way and let the words flow.

ocean boat

I was very lost,

But I stepped into life and onto a journey of wholeness,

Seeking treasure.


See God –- water to those who thirst,

radiating energy,

imagination flow,

a teddy bear to hug —

I become part of that ocean.

Total contact of the special healing touch.


I am getting to like myself.

My heart feels good, so much life.

Wind blowing in my hair,

I feel so beautiful.

I am my own best friend, in this together.


I am a person, I break the mold

I love who I am

I want to share the joy with other people,

If only we meet for a moment.

Less hate, more kindness.


I was very lost,

But I stepped into life.

I must remember my journey.


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