Updated Journaling Technique Article Index

JTTS_Instructor_LogoI don’t write much about journaling techniques here at Wisdom Within, Ink. Although this blog is indirectly about journaling, it isn’t a “how-to” kind of place. Here, and in my workshops, I’m more story-teller than “just the facts, ma’am” kind of teacher.

However, I do know lots of techniques, exercises, and prompts to help you get writing, introspecting, organizing, and healing. Over the past six years I have written many how-tos and where-fors of journaling over at Examiner.com and I just — finally — updated the index page. Check it out! There are many, many short articles to take a peek at, all organized by category. Yay!

Click here: http://www.examiner.com/article/list-of-journaling-techniques-categorized-by-function to find a list of categories. Each topic heading will take you to a list of articles based on that theme.

If you have questions about a journaling technique or a particular issue you’d like to journal on but aren’t sure what might be the best technique to use, please let me know (click the Contact tab and send me a message).


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