W.O.R.D.S.: Enough (or Be a snake!)

The W.O.R.D.S. Project (Words Open Resonating Depths of the Sacred): A weekly alphabetical search for questions.*

Expectations hurt us most

Never reaching that standard

Of perfection, which is smoke on the horizon.

Under every self-bashing thought

Glides a snake of venomous fear. Instead,

Hold it tight until it can molt into the newness of Enough.


I once heard someone say, if a snake tried to shrug its skin before its time, it would die. Wherever you are along your journey, whatever you are doing right now – as long as it is authentic to your true nature – it is right. Eventually you will be able to shrug off the “skin” which is keeping you alive right now allowing transformation to your next stage in life.

Almost three years ago, I assisted the author of Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore and his wife, Hari Kirin Khalsa at their weekend workshop at Kripalu Yoga and Education Center in Lenox, MA, From Religion to Spirituality.

At one point during an arduous meditation where my outstretched and circling arms were screaming, Khalsa said something that I needed to hear.

Do what you can, whatever it is, it is perfect. Even if you just imagine yourself doing it, it is exactly right.

Release Expectation!

Whatever you have is enough to give.

Whatever happens is enough.

For a perfectionist like me, trained as Marlene Winell in Leaving the Fold said fundamentalist Christians often are, these were true words of potential healing that I continue to struggle with every day.

Prompt: In this moment, I am enough.

*This project is an off-shoot of the work I did for my graduate degree where I used Words to help heal from my negative indoctrination from “The Word.” Words are powerful agents for transformation! (Thesis/Final Project: Calling Little Gypsy Home: Reclaiming Voice Through Expressive Writing and the Sacred Feminine; Memoir: Sing from the Womb: Leaving Fundamentalism in Search in Voice.)

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