Taking your Shadow for a Ride

I don’t claim to be a poet AT ALL. However, when starting to write up a recent dream this is how it wanted to be written… who am I to argue?!


I took my Shadow for a ride.

He’s heavy and oh, so very black.

I tell him,

Shadow, you’re too big for me to carry,

Especially on my bike.

I have these train tracks to drive along,

How can I bring you with?

It’s too much strain to take you there.

Would you please leave me alone?


Says my Shadow, You must take me,

I’m in your soul, you see

I’m really not so dense or scary.

Take me along, I’ll share the load.


And so I rode. It was not bad.

We talked ol’ Shad and I

About all the things I had kept down deep,

While he peddled as he said.

And when we came into the city

The load was gone, and in his place

A woman.

White and bright, she stood so tall.

She kissed me deep and I drank her in.

My Shadow becomes my Love.

Prompt: Write up one of your recent dreams. What is it telling you. You’ll know when the answer resonates.


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