Especially then, the soul knows…

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The sun may not shine, but a woman’s soul still leads.

I woke with this line running through my mind. I fumbled for the pen and paper kept on my bedside table for moments such as these and managed to make my still sleeping brain connect to my hand just enough to write it down before it vaporized, like these subconscious mumblings have the tendency to do. I wasn’t sure what it meant exactly but it seemed important, or at the very least, somewhat profound. So I journaled with it as a prompt and immediately came up with this:

Even in those dark, unknown times of our lives, we have the answers and the strength inside. In our soul, our heart, our true Self, we know. We just have to know how to access it. Write about the darkness, about the fear, the anxiety, the uncharted path, and ALLOW THE ANSWERS TO COME. They will. Just get out of your own way and they will come to you. Trust it. Trust YOU! Because especially when the sun doesn’t shine, a woman’s (or man’s) soul shall lead.

Prompt: My souls knows….



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4 thoughts on “Especially then, the soul knows…

  1. Hey Joanna – I had a similar experience this morning, still lingering with it. Synchronicity? A friend came by last night as I went through a cathartic breakdown around my father’s death. Going down deep enough to touch on the terrifying fear that had my soul – that inner knowing – imprisoned. As if it was stolen and kidnapped the day I got the news of something so real, so final, so life-long patterned to guarding against.

    The messages coming through, the reality – realness of the soul-centered being in the world – who is “already, always, alright” awakening once again to my senses – eyes, ears, thoughts – knowing “he’s just in the other room”.

    This trust is a sword to cut through that Lie – that we are not going to be ok, we won’t make it, I told you so, and might as well give up because sooner or later you’ll just die” – this pathetic, fatalistic, voice that can be so believable when something we perceive as “bad” happens – the sword of that Trust coming to you in your waking, coming to me in my grief – is a mighty power indeed. It’s power is love – soft, precious love that is as simple as the turning on of the light switch to show a frightened child there are no monsters in the room.

    “Especially then, the soul knows”. . . ..

    Thanks for posting this! Robin

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