Jour du Journal: Unsent Letters

In this post I wrote about a very difficult and unauthentic portion of my life. I did not yet know who I was or what I truly wanted. Well, that’s not exactly true – I knew it in my heart but I did not have the confidence or ability to recognize or pursue it. I was easily dragged under by another person’s needs.

But then I starting writing a journal. I began to hear my own needs and dreams, to see them in my own writing as they appeared on the paper each morning. I gained strength, confidence and independence.

Once I penned a letter to this ex of mine. An angry letter telling him just where to put his fitted sheets and milk rings. I never sent it. It sat in a folder for a long time along with letters to my other past mistakes. I planned to destroy it in a grand ritual of independence and nose-thumbing but I believe it is buried somewhere along with all my journals.

Christina Baldwin, in Life’s Companion, tells us:

Because of this strong impulse to communicate to another object/person, letter writing is a natural part of journal keeping… you may discover unsent letter are excellent ways to finish business with people and events that are no longer a part of your life.

My letter was written in anger but yours may be one of sadness, regret, joy, memories… whatever it is you need to say to this person/object in your life/memory. Ms. Baldwin also reminds us that you DO NOT need to take the “recipient’s” feelings into account when writing! He/she/it will never read it.

So, grab some paper and write,



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