Jour du Journal! Getting to the truth.

Yesterday on my other blog I wrote:

…I almost feel angry at my innocent children for stealing them from me. That’s a feeling I try not to give voice or credence to…

That was a difficult statement to put into writing, for the “whole” world to see. But it is the truth – an uncomfortable truth, but nevertheless the truth.

Your journal is the one place you can face your own truths, where no one else will see them or judge you on them. You are completely free to say whatever you need to, to express it, to get it out. When you see your own truth in black and white in your own handwriting it is powerful. Once out in the open you can choose to accept it (rather than have it fester deep within) and take action – to make the changes in your life you may need to.

Kay Adams tells us that 5-minute sprints, where you write very quickly in a timed session, will allow you to “get to the truth faster.”

Set your timers. 5 minutes. Paper. Pen.

A truth I have been hiding is….


Please feel free to leave a comment – either about your journaling experience or to share your writing… I’d love to hear from you!


One thought on “Jour du Journal! Getting to the truth.

  1. Joanna. I can definately relate. Had three daughters and full-time job. And now that the "nest is empty" it's recently been "filled" with two beautiful, blue-eyed huskies. Two bundles of energy. Two terrible-two's on four feet, needing 1:30 AM pee trips, 9 AM maniacal "happy dances", ad round-the-clock couch stompers. Oh, yes. I can relate!

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