Something amazing has happened.

The universe saw that I, despite the Fear, was working toward my goal of becoming a writer and journal-writing teacher/therapist; believing in myself and my abilities. I cannot tell the whole story yet as nothing is official.

I have been trying hard to believe in what some call “manifesting” for many years. Long before the book The Secret hit the scene, I had read the same thing over and over: if you do what you love, success will come, the universe will align in your favor… Marsha Sinetar, Julia Cameron, Sarah Ban Breathnach; they’ve all said it and I’ve seen it.

I have been journaling for years so I have written evidence that when I have made decisions based on my dreams, not my fear, eventually – the good is not always immediately apparent – the road has turned in that direction, seemingly through no imput of mine… serendipity.

Take, for example, my family’s crazy, asinine decision to move to Mississippi, of all places. We quit our jobs, rented out our house and hauled every last one of our belongings 1500 miles south to go live in a swamp. Why? Because we were both unhappy in our jobs (I wanted to be writing or least doing something more creative), we were sick of our drafty shack of a house, and I wanted to be home with our new daughter. Three years later, I am here having pursued various artistic ventures, and continuing to do so. I had to leave home to understand my true dreams and to trust them. To know what I truly wanted in life. And my husband? It worked for him too. He now has a Master’s degree and is enjoying a new career.

We’ve moved back home now; another step out into the dark but one that yielded – and continues to yield – more success.

We took risks – a step away from stability, the known, the rut – and we have been rewarded with a new stabilty. Fulfillment.



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