Quoting Natalie: Tolerating fear

"First recognize that you're afraid and slowly build your tolerance for fear... ... You may still feel it, but you become willing to bear it as you write. You keep your hand moving, you stay there, you move closer and closer to the edge of what scares you." - Natalie Goldberg, Thunder and Lightning I … Continue reading Quoting Natalie: Tolerating fear


Booger-fingers will not break my spirit

Yesterday I attended the Women Business Owners Network (WBON) Winter Conference in Manchester, Vermont. Everyone of the speakers was fantastic and one woman noted she felt "drunk on the energy." I can't begin to share all the things discussed but I will tell you, it was powerful! I believe in serendipity, in the power of … Continue reading Booger-fingers will not break my spirit

Jour du Journal: Serendipity Fest

How's this for a series of events? 1. I response to a call to submission on a national mother's writing forum. She published my essay (my first published work). 2. Turns out the editor/zine just happens to be based in a town an hour away. 3. The very week I finally subscribe to the local … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Serendipity Fest

Jour du Journal: Serendipity and Purpose

Yesterday on my other blog I wrote about Serendipity in my life. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. I choose to take this definition a step further and say that these "agreeable" things that occur do so because we are - consciously … Continue reading Jour du Journal: Serendipity and Purpose

And the universe shifted into place

I am a few hours short of becoming a Certified Journal to the Self Workshop Instructor (through The Center for Journal Therapy). I will have business cards, a brochure, a website (hopefully) and a whole new career ahead of me (again, hopefully). I am very excited by this prospect. Let me tell you how this … Continue reading And the universe shifted into place

Writers Unite!

I went to a writer's symposium today. Despite being exhausted (this follows two grueling days of workshops on child sexual abuse and other things I'd prefer to remain naively ignorant about), this workshop was just what I needed. Being around other writers (and what colorful characters we are!) is so affirming. Hearing pens frantically scratching … Continue reading Writers Unite!

Waiting for the serendipity to stir

I realized I hadn't said much about serendipity or positive thinking lately. Since I started the job that was the result of a serendipitous event, life has become kind of run of the mill. Despite having not worked (out of the home) for 4 years I have slipped back into the routine and mindset of … Continue reading Waiting for the serendipity to stir

Even Oprah is in on this serendipity thing

Once again my ol' buddy serendipity has popped in to say hello. Not to me this time but through me (and our good friend Oprah). I have two friends, friends from a past life, a life steeped in religious dogma. Due to a recent relationship, one of said friends is battling with an old demon … Continue reading Even Oprah is in on this serendipity thing

Serendipity on a Bike

This move from Vancouver to Vermont is not an easy prospect for 'lil sis. We have been scouring the area and the internet trying to discover the potentials of her new home.One thing you should know about my sister (let's call her "C") is that she's painfully allergic to malls and other large (or small, … Continue reading Serendipity on a Bike

Proof is in the pudding

More proof that this positive attitude thing works...I got offered the job on Tuesday, August 5. Just a week and a half earlier I wrote this in my journal:"OK, I'm going to pretend I don't need a job and I will start my journal workshop training and get writing and just see what happens... I … Continue reading Proof is in the pudding