So you want to be a TLA (writing for healing/change) facilitator?

This evening I was asked by one of my online students how to start a TLA (Transformative Language Arts) -- Writing for Change or Healing -- practice/business. That is a big question and not one easily answered. There are too many factors to consider: location, niche, experience, education, personality, and financial situation, among others. So, … Continue reading So you want to be a TLA (writing for healing/change) facilitator?


Danger: Toxic levels of self-bashing

This post is a bit of an off-shoot for me but as I write it I will somehow figure out how to make a journaling prompt out of it. And I also know many of you will relate to what I am about to say. I got rejected. By a home-cleaning professional. Let me explain. … Continue reading Danger: Toxic levels of self-bashing

Trust the process, pt 1 (The Arrival)

How do even begin to write about my week? It was intense, exhausting, relaxing, exhilarating, freeing, validating, educational, empowering. On Thursday evening I drove into Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. I felt ill with nerves. Even a walk around the stunningly beautiful campus couldn't settle the raging butterflies. (This is a campus like no other … Continue reading Trust the process, pt 1 (The Arrival)

I write to know I Am

The following post is recycled. I happened upon it this morning and it seemed appropriate today to re-post. I have been evaluating my Purpose lately and bottom line is: I need to write. I have no choice in this matter, it is my calling, my need, my salvation. Denying it would be like dragging my … Continue reading I write to know I Am

Because I have been taking myself too seriously…

I realized something this morning. I miss writing. While I write something everyday - my journal, an article or just a facebook status (does that count?) - I miss what I do best (humble, I know): Write. I loved everything about blogging when I began writing at My days and activities were all potential … Continue reading Because I have been taking myself too seriously…

Steppingstones to a new life

Yesterday morning in my journal I wrote: I am blessed with abundance. I am blessed with the answer. I am a magnet to all the resources I need. What is the answer? I need to know what path to go down today. This morning I wrote: Oh, lawd! I feel like a puzzle piece just … Continue reading Steppingstones to a new life

Sharing your light

I have a friend who used to volunteer as a reading tutor. Her Christmas letter informing me there is nothing as gratifying as helping another person sent me into a self-indulgent, self-hate-fest. I used to complain to my journal or Hubby that I never did anything to help anyone else. I had no desire to … Continue reading Sharing your light

Yes, I call myself a writer

Over the past few days I have unintentionally initiated quite the debate on my facebook page. The cynicism, sarcasm and disbelief over the healthcare debate I have posted in my status has riled up my sister-in-law (out of four kids, she's the only one who doesn't have the liberal views of her siblings, including, thankfully, … Continue reading Yes, I call myself a writer

I am not an island

I have a confession to make.I'm lonely.Last night I was checking the traffic to my blog and followed one visitor's referral link back to a blog I didn't recognize. At first I was confused why a link to my blog would be here. Then I began to put it together and realized it was the … Continue reading I am not an island

Tick Tock, The Clock Won’t Stop

This is just uncalled for.On the eve of my 36th birthday I found, not one, not two, but three gray hairs peeking out from under my otherwise auburn mass (not Auburn, Massachusetts... hehe, I'm so funny). How does that happen? One day you have none and the next you have three pigmentally-challenged hairs. Do they … Continue reading Tick Tock, The Clock Won’t Stop