Fall 2012 Workshops at The Writers’ Room

“I have learned [in this class that] I am probably wiser about things than I was allowed to believe about myself as a child… I love the structure of this class — the prompts give me focus and purpose for what follows. The prompts send me places I didn’t intend to go or didn’t know existed in my mind.

I have felt honored to participate in Joanna’s workshops, and have gained confidence in my writing and trust in my own inner voice.Susan, “Voice Quest” participant

  • Voice Quest: Writing a Spiritual Journey (or Writing YourSelf Home)

    ~Wednesdays, September 12 – December 12 (13 weeks – any or all sessions; no meeting November 21); 7-8:30PM
    ~ “Pay-what-you-can” (suggested donation $10-$20 per session)
    ~ Register or ask a question here

    “The spiritual journey is one of becoming real… to say who we are.” — Sue Monk Kidd, When the Heart Waits

    Voice Quest is a 13-step journey towards your Potential. By accessing and strengthening your inner voice and intuition through writing you will gain Confidence in your goals, dreams, ideas, talents, and opinions – in yourSelf. Learn to listen to your deeper/higher wisdom as you seek Healing and Wholeness.


  • Un(b)lock your Creativity: Expressive Writing as a Key

    ~ Thursdays, September 13 – October 4 (4 weeks); 7-8:30PM
    ~”Pay-what-you-can” (suggested donation $10-$20 per session)
    ~ Register or ask a question here

    I thoroughly enjoyed Joanna’s presentation…  I especially liked the writing exercises.  The ones most helpful to me were Positive Reasons for Writing,  Balancing our Fears with Reality, and Listing the Things that Make us Angry, Happy and Afraid (to write about)…..a good jump start.” – Donna, participant

    Drawing on the wisdom of experts such as Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones) and Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way), learn how to use your journal as a tool to unlock creativity, get the words  & ideas flowing, overcome fears and gain confidence in your own talents. And guess what? The techniques can be applied to help you out-write your everyday fears of risk and failure!

  •  Night Writing: Dialoguing with your Dreams

    ~ Thursdays, October 18 – November 8 (4 weeks); 7-8:30PM
    ~ “Pay-what-you-can” (suggested donation $10-$20 per session)
    ~ Register or ask a question here

    Tap into the powerful wisdom of your dreams using equally powerful writing techniques. Learn how to increase dream recall, explore dream symbols and analyze their personal meaning for Healing, Self-Discovery and Creative Insight.

All events held at The Writers’ Room at Allen House unless otherwise stated.

Any of these classes can also be taught one-on-one. Please contact me for information.


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