Squeezing me in between

The honeymoon's over.Me and this blog, we don't talk so much anymore.My life has radically changed from when I was a stay-at-home, wannabe writer. Even though the last of those days are barely a month gone, I have already made them into golden nuggets. I catch myself thinking, remember when I could put Tater down … Continue reading Squeezing me in between


The Sound of Silence

It's 6AM and I've been awake since 4. Ike (Tropical Storm Ike, that is) has been blustering around the house all night, licking us with hot, sticky tropical winds. It's 6AM and almost 80 degrees outside... in Vermont... in September! It'll probably snow next week.Once in a while I don't mind not being able to … Continue reading The Sound of Silence

The many hats of me

I need a haircut. The shaggy, steel wool mop that haloes my head is reflected in the screen of my laptop as I sit on the deck this glorious late summer morning.I also need to finish organizing the new office which until 3 days ago was the kids room. Boxes of books, old files, and … Continue reading The many hats of me

September Sentiments

September has always been my favorite month. It is a month of beginnings. I came into the world in September and as a child in England, it meant the beginning of a new school year. I actually turned 5 on my second day in Mrs. Goddard's class at Huish Infant School, Yeovil, Somerset.I have always … Continue reading September Sentiments

Booster seats and belly buttons

Now's this for a bad day? I almost get the cops called on me and my daughter could have gotten lyme disease.With one minute remaining to get to daycare on time I discover the only thing filling the space where H's booster seat usually sits is a smorgasbord of crumbs, small toys, and juice stains. … Continue reading Booster seats and belly buttons

Oxymoron: writing mother

Literarymama.com wants me to explore:The relationship between becoming a mother and becoming a writerThe influence of motherhood on your craftThe influence of writing on your motheringIt's not a good day for me to write about being a writing mother. Today I want to edit out the mother part.We began this day quite calmly (that's a … Continue reading Oxymoron: writing mother

Exposing and disposing the Fear

I saw my name as a byline for the first time today.I submitted three tiny pieces to AssociatedContent.com a couple of days ago just to see how the process works. While it is exciting to have my own words there for the world to see, it is also a little disconcerting. Strange that I would … Continue reading Exposing and disposing the Fear