Writing Practice: The roles my journal plays

(I originally wrote this post, with the title, "Writing Practice: How I learned to use my words," for the Transformative Language Arts blog's series highlighting TLA practices.) Writing is my life. Day in, day out, I am writing—four weekly columns, magazine articles, and my journal—or I am helping others get their own words down. And I … Continue reading Writing Practice: The roles my journal plays

The Elevator Pitch the Write Way

You've probably heard the term Elevator Pitch. According to Wikipedia, it's "a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, or organization... [and] should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes." At one Goddard College graduate residency we … Continue reading The Elevator Pitch the Write Way

Do you need a map or a box of chocolates?

I have to thank Mark Matousek, with whom I took a class at the Therapeutic Writing Institute, for his insightful article in Psychology Today: What's Your Metaphor? Shifting Shapes In The New Year. This post is my response. Having never asked myself what word or phrase I consider my life metaphor, and how it affects … Continue reading Do you need a map or a box of chocolates?

An open letter to those who are human

C.P. Estes (author of Women Who Run With the Wolves) always addresses her readers as "Dear Brave Souls." I do not know her exact reasoning for this but I can guess that she knows how much courage it takes to live in this world, to face the pains and heartbreaks, unknowns and setbacks. But even … Continue reading An open letter to those who are human

Burning Rage

This is a very personal post. It is the result of trauma that occurred because my voice was muted. I see this “dream” and the writing of it is as the whisper of my returning voice (a loud stage whisper, perhaps?).  Rage, which is a socially unacceptable emotion, especially for women, is coming forward and … Continue reading Burning Rage

Resume the Stability of Tension

This is a post from a couple of years ago. I am re-posting it because this phrase - Resume the Stability of Tension - keeps popping back into my mind lately. Although I am in a completely different life situation now (I left my job very soon after this post and started grad school a … Continue reading Resume the Stability of Tension

Danger: Toxic levels of self-bashing

This post is a bit of an off-shoot for me but as I write it I will somehow figure out how to make a journaling prompt out of it. And I also know many of you will relate to what I am about to say. I got rejected. By a home-cleaning professional. Let me explain. … Continue reading Danger: Toxic levels of self-bashing

Julia Cameron on Morning Pages

  Read an interview with me about how The Artist's Way and Morning Pages changed my life at Creative Voyage   The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal  

Steppingstones to a new life

Yesterday morning in my journal I wrote: I am blessed with abundance. I am blessed with the answer. I am a magnet to all the resources I need. What is the answer? I need to know what path to go down today. This morning I wrote: Oh, lawd! I feel like a puzzle piece just … Continue reading Steppingstones to a new life

On a quest to find the truth

I'm sitting here in this hotel room and suddenly I'm struck dumb. No fighting children to break apart, no dinner to prepare, no responsibilities. I could write all night if I so wished. But nope, nothing. Too quiet, no time limit. But I'm not here to write this blog post anyway. Truth is, I came … Continue reading On a quest to find the truth