A Path to Publication, pt 13: How self-absorbed are you?!

To bring about a paradigm shift in the culture that will change assumptions and attitudes, a critical number of us have to tell the stories of our personal revelations and transformations. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Crossing to Avalon I haven't posted about my path to publication in a while because, well, last fall the path suddenly … Continue reading A Path to Publication, pt 13: How self-absorbed are you?!


Gotta dance!

When I was a very little girl I loved to dance. Once a week my Nana would take me to the Senior Center (which in England I think they used to call the Old Age Pensioner's Club - nice) so I could gavotte around for their entertainment. I loved it. And I almost killed my … Continue reading Gotta dance!

Steppingstones to a new life

Yesterday morning in my journal I wrote: I am blessed with abundance. I am blessed with the answer. I am a magnet to all the resources I need. What is the answer? I need to know what path to go down today. This morning I wrote: Oh, lawd! I feel like a puzzle piece just … Continue reading Steppingstones to a new life

On a quest to find the truth

I'm sitting here in this hotel room and suddenly I'm struck dumb. No fighting children to break apart, no dinner to prepare, no responsibilities. I could write all night if I so wished. But nope, nothing. Too quiet, no time limit. But I'm not here to write this blog post anyway. Truth is, I came … Continue reading On a quest to find the truth

Perpetuating our own truth

Even before I got out of the car I questioned why I was here. I had pulled myself away from a cozy fire and good company to go out into a chilly, damp December night. I was about to walk into an overheated crowd of locals, some of whom I hadn't seen for twenty years … Continue reading Perpetuating our own truth

A Memory of Cabbage, Reprise

I posted this journaling prompt a couple weeks ago on my old site. I haven't used it myself but I did have the opportunity to introduce it at a workshop with three lovely ladies this past week. It is from Natalie Goldberg's Old Friend from Far Away: Do a 5-minute writing sprint on... a memory … Continue reading A Memory of Cabbage, Reprise