Stop the hatred… PLEASE!

Warning: This post contains sarcasm, cynicism and downright anger."The answer is: 'If [she] were a __________, she would have aborted the baby.'""What is a dying 12-year old who was raped by her father?""Incorrect.""What is a Democrat?""That is correct."According to a lovely lady called Phyllis Schlafly, if Sara Palin, the Republican V.P. nominee, was a Democrat … Continue reading Stop the hatred… PLEASE!


Why did the rabbit cross the road?

Because he's afraid of a squirrel. Huh?Yeah, I don't get it either.Can someone please tell me why a rabbit, one that wears clothes, goes to school, and watches TV would be afraid of the squirrels in the back yard, and furthermore, why aren't these squirrels also wearing clothes and conversing at the library about their … Continue reading Why did the rabbit cross the road?