“Joanna is the WITNESS to the journey/BRINGER of hope and reason / SHEPHERD to our words / She is the KEEPER OF THE SPACE that teaches SELF-ACCEPTANCE” – MER, client and Voice Quest participant

Our staff LOVED!!!! Joanna Tebbs Young’s presentation!” – Wellness program coordinator

“I wasn’t thinking of finding treasure… I was just searching for people to write with. Oh, but what I found was so much more… I found an array of spirited souls searching for answers just like me. I found a format for writing that inevitably pulls out the grit and gnashes it around. And, I found the treasure of a teacher whose calm nudging guides me to write the truths that brings me to tears or awaken me to a new realization.” – “Voice Quest” attendee

I thoroughly enjoyed Joanna’s presentation… I especially liked the writing exercises. The ones most helpful to me were Positive Reasons for Writing, Balancing our Fears with Reality, and Listing the Things that Make us Angry, Happy and Afraid (to write about)…..a good jump start. — participant in Creativity Unblock

What Joanna teaches is a way to access magic and what we can easily lose sight of during the course of our busy lives. It brings the participant directly to the heart of what matters. I recommend Joanna’s process to everyone. — T.K., workshop facilitator for 13 years

I met Joanna through WBON, Women Business Owners Network, a Vermont-based professional non-profit organization for women business owners. Joanna has been a guest speaker at some meetings and has also conducted journaling workshops. She has a genuine love of her work and her passion shows through when she conducts her classes. She has helped many people “think outside the box” through journal writing and creating “mind maps” to help business owners take a more creative approach to problem-solving. She is compassionate and caring and that comes through in all of her work.


Joanna was organized in her presentations and relaxed as an instructor. The information and research she presented was enlightening.

Throughout this workshop, I was able observe first hand the positive effect of Ms. Young’s knowledge and enthusiasm for journal writing. She presented her material in a spirit of sharing rather than in a didactic tone.

I really enjoyed… [the] sessions. [Joanna has] great power and presence.

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Joanna has the rare talent of being able to share her knowledge and abilities; while simultaneously making participants aware of their own. She has the ability to encourage others, of all ages, to express themselves, both in writing and in verbally sharing their work. I was the benefactor of this encouragement in an adult writing workshop she led. And just retained her to lead a children’s writing session during a Chaffee Summer Camp, which met with great reviews from both parents and the children.

“Joanna was a guest presenter at one of our Chapter meetings. She interacted well with the group on her topic of writing and journaling. It was a very good experience for all who attended. Her enthusiasm was contagious, we received excellent tips to take home with us, some of which I still use to this day.”

“I was delighted to attend one of Joanna’s journaling workshops. As a small business owner, it’s difficult to carve time to work ON my business and Joanna’s workshop afforded me time, direction and clarity.”

“I took a writing workshop instructed by Joanna Tebbs and it was highly informative and inspiring. Joanna taught keys elements to not only begin creative journaling but how to sustain the practice. She also provided detailed techniques on how to trigger writing. Joanna is a highly skilled and compassionate teacher and writer and I look forward to taking more of her workshops.” August 31, 2010

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

“I took a journaling workshop with Joanna and enjoyed it immensely! She is warm, responsive and receptive. She created a wonderful environment in the workshop and immediately set everyone at ease. Her enthusiasm and first-hand experience with the subject matter were both educational and inspiring. I look forward to my next workshop with her. I would encourage anyone who’s looking to find her inner voice or refine her writing skills to check into Joanna’s offerings. You won’t be disappointed!” August 20, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value

I thoroughly enjoyed Joanna’s instruction and leadership in three different types of course /activity settings this year. She has a wonderful easy manner yet you quickly learn and are able to apply the nice variety of tools and content. Great courses from a great writer!” December 9, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , On Time , High Integrity