What to expect from a coaching session

Are you considering working with me? Great! Here’s what you might expect:

When you write with me, you can expect some magic to happen! Not from me — I don’t claim to be a wizard 🙂 — but from YOU. Your inner self. If you can get out of your way and trust your pen, your inner voice will come through. This voice is wise and wants what is best for you — and your creative life and writing projects.

We hold in our awareness, even if it is only on the unconscious level, an inherent wisdom that wants to guide us in the direction of our fullest development. — Kay Adams, Journal to the Self

With your goals and intentions in mind, I can guide you through the process of accessing that awareness to the place where we know more than we know, to “knowledge beyond understanding.”

On a more practical level, here’s how I format the coaching work:

The first time we meet (or if online via email, text, or FB message) we will have an informal chat about your goals and intentions for our work together. Here are a few examples of what some clients have bought to me:

  • “I want to make journaling/writing a practice in my life and I need help making that happen.”
  • “I have started a book and want to finish it but I keep getting stuck.”
  • “I know I have a very difficult personal story to tell, I need help and support getting it out.”
  • “I’m trying to make the dialogue in my book sound more natural.”
  • “I’m not getting much out of my journaling, I would like to learn some techniques for going deeply in my writing.”
  • “I’ve lost touch with who I am.”

Based on this discussion, I will design a basic coaching plan for our sessions together. After you have looked at it and approved it — it can be tweaked as needed — we move forward.


A typical session (1 hour) looks like this:

  • An opening write based on a prompt I give you (5 minutes)
  • You read it to me in full or summarize what you wrote or even just what you felt like writing what you did. I jot down words or phrases what jump out to me while you’re sharing and I either
    • a) give you an off-the-cuff prompt based on my notes for another writing session, or
    • b) incorporate into “homework” prompt(s)
  • I give you other writing prompts based on the coaching plan and/or any discussion that comes out of the previous writings (I call this onion peeling)
  • At the end of the session I give you more suggestions for writing on your own time during the week.
  • At the beginning of the next session, you’ll have a chance to tell me about your experience during the week and/or read a selection. This often leads to more onion peeling during the new session.


A typical week (or whatever time between sessions we have agreed upon) looks like this:

  • I will send a “Session” email on our agreed upon start date with a series of prompts on which you write at your own pace.
  • You send me a selection of your writing and some feedback (how to do a feedback write would be explained in the email) to which I would reply within a couple of days with a “Feedback” email, that is some comments and one or two onion peeling prompts.
  • You may send me a second email with your response to these prompts to which I will respond in your next week’s “Session” email.

If you have more questions about the sessions or any other aspect of private coaching, please let me know!