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Visit my BOOK STORE for some books I love, books I recommend and even a few that have changed my life.

(This will take you to Wisdom Within, Ink’s personal store on Amazon. Be sure to come on back when you’re done browsing over there. Thanks!)

One thought on “Book Store

  1. As winter looms in the near future,I get into book buying frenzy. I Live with a few,okay,several illnesses,and enjoy journaling and reading./ I am happy to have use of this laptop as I can’t sit up to a desktop long because of circulatory problems./Never a stalker,just a follower who once had dreams.I didn’t have to take meds that make me tired,forgetful,dopey,and the depression that keeps me giving up. When i write about my past it hurts so much that all I do is cry. I messed up my past after my childhood was messed up. I never hurt anyone on purpose.I got into some life situations that hurt me,I suppose because that’s what I knew,understood and expected.When something good came along,someone good,I wasn’t good enough.Now in my 50’s,I can’t have a do-over with that good person.We can’t have those children we spoke of.So much more.I can write for short times. Pain is my enemy but I can feel,and so many cannot.Hugs,Mary

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