About: Wisdom Within, Ink/”Re-INK Your Life!”

Re-INK Your Life!” Coaching and Workshops

To help you find your story and your voice through expressive writing, creating new narratives to live by.

Wisdom Within, Ink is the result of following my heart. The personal authenticity journey that began with Julia Cameron’s ‘Morning Pages‘** from The Artist’s Way became a belief in everyone’s inner wisdom, creativity, and ability to heal through writing. I also believe writing can help you make your ideal future happen. What began as natural urge to write has become my life. Wisdom Within, Ink is an umbrella under which I write for me, write for you, and teach you to write for you.

We all have the answers we need inside us. Writing is a key to unlock them. Wisdom Within, Ink is my journey to find my inner wisdom and authentic self – and help you find yours. Here you will find journaling tips and prompts, random musings acknowledging positive thinking, envisioning and serendipity, searching for an authentic life, and workshop listings.

**Watch a video of Julia Cameron discussing the value of Morning Pages.

See the Workshops tab for my brochure and a schedule of “Re-INK Your Life!” workshops in Vermont. I am also available to present customized workshops (of any length from 2 hours to weekend intensives) for various populations, including support groups, educators, business-owners, health and public safety providers, and at-risk groups. The diverse writing techniques lend themselves to most age and ability groups and personalities, and work well for staff retreats or wellness seminars.

See the Coaching page for information on how I can customize an in-person or online program to help you use personal expressive writing as a tool to transform your life.

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