That’s funny! Me too!

Have you heard this one? An eleven-year-old girl walks down the street. A boy comes the other way. He grabs her barely-there breasts.

Oh! Hahaha. That’s funny!


What about this one? Two twelve-year-old girls were walking in town. A man walking behind them use the pointed end of his umbrella to goose one of them.

Oh, stop it! You’re killing me!


Oh, this one’s good. A thirteen-year-old girl is on a bus on a school trip. It’s dark and a thirteen-year old boy says, “Wanna play chicken?” But he doesn’t wait for an answer and boom! His hand’s up her shirt!

That is good! Got anymore?!


Oh, plenty. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. An eighteen-year-old boy tells a girl he loves her and that he’ll buy her a ring. She says no, no, no. But he doesn’t take no. A week later… wait for it… he dumps her! How good is that?!



Oh, here’s a spooky one. Then there were two twenty-somethings on vacation in a strange town. They go into a restaurant but it’s pretty deserted. It’s even kind of dark in there. Two old men ask the women to come back to their hotel. They keep asking. The women pretend they’re a lesbian couple to make them leave them alone.

Oooooh! Plot twist!


Have you heard this one? College-aged woman goes dancing with friends. She wears her grandmother’s engagement ring. She uses it to keep the guys away because she just wants to dance. It doesn’t work.

That’s funny!


A woman is actually engaged. Man at her high school reunion asks her to have one more fling before the big day.

Oh, nice!


OK, I’m tired. But here’s one more. A forty-four-year woman walks in town one morning. A man sits on a bench. He tells her to smile and starts yelling at her for ignoring him. She walks faster.

Wow, those are great! I wish you had more!

Oh, there’s so many more… believe me…


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